WOW! Do we have several award winning wines! I have worked here for a long time and I’ve always seen the many medals hanging from the bottles on the shelf….. but today we put them in order hanging from above. Come in and check out how many awards our fabulous wines have won!

Needy Sneedy

A few words from the newest member of the winery family, followed by a few from the patriach himself……


I have the great opportunity to work at place where magic happens. They make water into wine. Well they do add some other ingredients but the end result is still magical!  I can honestly say that my only knowledge of The Winery at Versailles was where it was located at and Rodeo Red.  I do believe that is what most of the people I know would know too. 

Carol Williams gave me a tour of the facility on my first day of work.  There are no words to describe how surprised I was to see how much they do in such a small space.  Space is tight here, but this does not hinder the quality of the product that they produce.  The Williams have utilized every space of this location to their advantage.  I am truly impressed with how everything flows from one process to another.  I recommend to all that they tour our facility!

I am also very impressed with the family atmosphere that The Winery has created.  Every employee is part of The Winery family.  The relationship amongst all the employees is that of brothers and sisters, with Mike and Carol being our loving parents.  As parents, they have given us a stern look every once in a while, but always with love.    Everyone has passion for what they do here.  They do what they do very well.  The best quality that I have found among everyone is the respect that they all hold for each other and for Mike and Carol Williams.  Most employees here have a minimum of 5 years of service.  Those that come here, stay here!  I have a lot to learn. My “wineucation” is an experience that I am looking forward to attaining.  As I go thru this process, I will keep you updated so you can see what I see!

Thank you!

Maria Weaver

HR Manager



Just spent the weekend at the 20th Anniversary Celebration in PA….fun, fulfilling and exhausting, while our Home Team in Versailles did a great job at Poultry Days in the “Beer Tent”, at the Parade, and at the Winery.  It’s an Honor to have the privilege of working with those who care so much about their community, their company and our mission. 


-The Wine Whisperer

Are you enjoying spring? I am.  Love the buds and blooms, smell of mowed grass, warm breezes.  Just makes one smile. With the weather warming up the patio has been in full use for our first Thrill of the Grill of the year along with a few friends gathering to enjoy a flight or two! We have a lot of exciting new things coming up at the winery from our new wine to our Sips and Sounds Festival on June 21st….. Let’s kick off summer with the sounds of Ben Crawford, Shannon Perry Clark and The Green D’villes along with vendors, wine and canvas, chair messages, reflexology, wine tastings, door prizes and food! Tickets are on sale now and will be sold for $10.00 per person pre-sale and $15.00 at the door that day. Entry includes a logo glass and 5-1oz tasting tickets. Call today to make your reservations and enjoy a day of sun and fun!

It’s that time of year again! The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. Come out and enjoy a unique dining experience with that special someone or a group of long time friends. I guarantee you’ll have a good time! Our Thrill of the Grill is offered once a month from April through October skipping the month of August. Each guest receives salad, bread, their choice of rib eye, beef filet, prime French cut pork chop, marinated chicken breast or salmon, a baked potato, veggies, dessert and a bottle of wine per couple all for just $60.00. Call today and book your reservations!


It never hurts to do a little spring cleaning and change things around a bit. Gives the house a new look and change can be good.  That goes for what you are drinking.  Do you order Cab every time you go to dinner?  Will you only buy an oaked Chardonnay?  And is the reason for this because you really don’t know about other wines?  So here is a thought.  Do a wine sampling.  Splash in the glass or maybe a flight.  Read the description on the wine list.  Schlurp that wine. ( READ: drawing in air as you sip the wine into your mouth) Chew it.  Yes, really, chew it.  Move it around on your palate.  Want a REAL challenge?  The Winery at Versailles now offers the Ultimate taste to allow customers to find out what they really like .  Or don’t.  Our theory is this: don’t buy it if you don’t like it.  I’m a creature of habit and one that will drink the same thing time after time.  Fortunately, my husband loves to try new wines so we are always sampling something new.  And if you look at our wine list, while we still have the old standards and favorites, each year we have the new “blue bottle”, at least one dry and at least one fun summer wine.  So be brave this spring.  Try a “new” wine.  Indulge your tastebuds.  You just might find a new favorite.  To go home with the old one, of course.  Enjoy!


-The Retired Scribe

  • Spring is finally here, and it kinda feels like it.  Well, maybe not, but in any case….  If you happen to be standing in the sunshine on the equator today you’ll be able to watch the sun pass directly overhead… but don’t look too hard! I hear looking directly at the sun is bad for your eyes.  …or maybe you do want to look….. the first day of spring and the first day of autumn are the only two days each year when the sun is directly overhead, so there aren’t too many opportunities to get this good of a look at it.  Of course this is only applicable to our blog readers that are situated smack dab on the equator.  If you are anywhere else in the world, like Ohio, you’re out of luck when it comes to having the sun directly overhead.  That being said, let’s talk about some wine stuff…….
  • In a previous blog post I mentioned the International Eastern Wine Competition, and I have now received results!  I only sent a handful of entries, so I was happy to see 5 different wines earn medals for The Winery at Versailles.  Both Schwartzbeeren and Olde Fort Port earned Bronze.  Wedding White earned Silver, and Hunter Red was a Gold Medal wine!  Those are all great results, but our big winner was Strawberry Mist.  It was awarded a Double-Gold Medal and named Best in Class!
  • I would like to take this opportunity to point out that this Strawberry Mist is a great wine, and it will NOT get any better with age.  The vast majority of wines are as good as they will ever be the day they are put into a bottle….maybe even the day before.  The old saying that wines get better with age is really only applicable to a very small portion of wines sold around the world.  So……come to the winery and pick up a bottle today….then drink it tonight!


-Winery Ninja

So much going on…… it’s great. Enjoyed  our Gourmet Sweetheart Valentine’s Dinner a few weekends ago.  First dates, 15 year anniversaries, newlyweds (yep newlyweds that day) and couples just spending time together experiencing a unique and heartfelt night. It was amazing, the food was delicious and the customers were great! A huge thank you to our entire staff for making this event a successful and great one! Our next dinner is just around the corner in time for Lent! Our Gourmet seafood dinner March 7th and 8th. Check out our events tab  on the website for details.

I have been very blessed these past few years, when I came to work at The Winery it was a temporary part time job. What I didn’t know was it was about to become part of my family, a full-time job and open a part of me that had been closed for so many years. A support system, a team of brothers and sisters and a group of people who all share the same faith. I am thankful to have a team of co-workers who all stand together to work hard, be successful and create new memories.



Hope to see you soon,

Carlena Sneed    AKA Needy Sneedy

Events Coordinator