New Wines

This is a fairly slow time of the year when it comes to making wine. Traditionally, this is when your wines “age” in the cellar prior to being bottled.  This is true here at our winery as much as at any other winery, but we are always working on something.  Currently, I’m working on our next Pirate’s Pour, a Blackberry/Raspberry Port wine with a Petite Sirah base.  We’ll also be bottling an off-dry Riesling very soon.  Our Rieslings are typically more on the sweeter side of things, but this wine should do a good job of filling a gap in our wine list where we need to have a nice, dry white.

More Grapes!

Well, the season started late and slow, and then…… BAM! Grapes, Grapes, Grapes….. I’m not going to try to mention what we’ve done since my last blog, but the harvest season that started late will be over early.  The post harvest work has already kicked into high gear, and of the 50 or so tanks around here I think about 49 of them are full!  Makes it challenging to transfer wines and do things like filter between tanks…..   I guess it’s time to really crank up the bottling….. Wintry Nights, anyone?

From the Newbie:

I cannot believe it has been almost six months since I have started here at The Winery of Versailles. They do say that time flies when you are having fun! It has been a very fun, educational and wonderful time. I do not know retail, this is my first stint in the retail system. Our Christmas planning and season begins in late September! The whole team starts thinking holidays while it is still hot! I am making my contribution by playing Christmas music!

It is truly amazing how my co-workers can envision and anticipate what our patrons want and will need. I know that the ease of it comes from time and experience, but it I am still in awe!

I have continued to float from my administrative duties to the floor. It has been a great experience at both. I have been a part of some great events and learned the ins and outs on how those events are run and are successful. I can say that every team member from PA to OH has been a part of those successes. The level of them work and investment in our product is AMAZING!

I am still lagging in my enrichment of wine lingo. I am convey to our patrons…This wine is yummy. This wine is yummier. This wine is the yummiest. I have been lucky…they get it.

I cannot wait for this holiday season at The Winery!



2014 grapes have really started rolling in!  I have Vidal, Steuben, Muscat, Chardonnay, & Merlot fermenting right now but we’re really just geting started!  The Polar Vortex really hurt our local growers’ yeilds, but the fruit we are receiving is of great quality.  This year’s late spring also has many varieties ripening slightly later than I’ve seen in the past, and the past few mornings have felt like cooler weather is coming back.  We may be pressing grapes in the snow this year………….

How many times have you had a glass of wine forced into your hand with “you will LOVE this!” And you hated it. Not your flavor profile, color, sugar level. There are over 8000 types of wine grapes in the world. So how can we all like the same thing? Can’t. Don’t. This is why wine sampling is so important. You don’t know an oaky Chardonnay until you have tasted one. Or two or 20. Even Cabs – old school, new, bramble and cherry – there are so many really good wines out there. But the point is this: Drink what you like. The trend of whites with fish and chicken and reds with beef is over. We are now “foodies” and we make things our parents never even heard of. We like Merlot with our tuna. I WANT a Sauvignon Blanc with my steak. Just because you like Zinfandel does not mean I do. Or maybe I like a different one. Granted, when I visit a winery and see that a wine is “popular” I want to try it. But in the end I will only buy it if I like to drink it. So don’t be afraid – you can very gently hand the glass back and say “thanks, but what I am really craving is…….” Fill in the blank. Life is too short to choke something down you dislike. Don’t know what something tastes like? Most restaurants of quality will bring you a small sample ( if it is a “by the glass wine” ) before you order a bottle or even a glass. Flights are extremely popular for that reason. So get out there, find wine you like, and enjoy it. You’ll be glad you did.


It’s summer. The weather is warm, breezy, and perfect for entertaining. We love having people over for dinner, but that means working all day to get it ready. So now we take our family and friends to one of the Thrill of the Grill nights at the winery. If you have never been you are missing a VERY fun time. Meet your friends there and be seated at your reserved table. Friendly wait staff will explain just what happens at this event. Wine is included and after you select yours, at your leisure, visit the salad bar to start off your meal. Rolls, butter, condiments, are already on your table. Then off to the patio for the “Thrill of the Grill” adventure! Having selected what type of protein you want ( when you made your reservation ) the Grill Master will provide your selection and you are on your way to the grill. That’s right. YOU are the griller! Well, in my case, my HUSBAND is the griller and I visit with our friends and enjoy my wine. There are two large grills ( depending on how many guests ), lots of seasonings, and tables where you can chat with friends and other grillers while your meat is done JUST to your liking! Once the grilled meat is on your plate, it’s off to pick up some potatoes and veggies and then back to your table in air conditioned comfort. More wine? Someone will be right there. Loved the new one? Need to restock your wine cellar? Good timing! There is a discount for all of our special guests! After dinner, the staff will semi clear your table and bring you coffee and dessert. And the best part? NO DISHES! That’s my kind of entertaining! Hey, I just might see you there!